Hendersonville Community Theatre would like to introduce the cast of our 2020 opening performance of “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum”

Pseudolus:           Brent Schlueter
Senex:                  Bob Pompeo
Hero:                    Cody Pero
Hysterium:           Jonathan Forrester
Erronius:               Bob Reece
Miles Gloriosus:   John "Tim" Ross
Lycus:                     Mark Lieberman
Philia:                     Tasha Pepi
Domina:                 Ellen Pappas
Courtesan 1:          AB Walton
Courtesan 2:          Shannon Kenast
Courtesan 3:          Morgan Pero
Courtesan 4:          Tessa Martin
Courtesan 5:          Clare Estes
Courtesan 6:          Claire Packer
Protean   1.             Jordan Wright  
Protean 2:              Troy Bowgren
Protean 3:               Zach Eden