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Thank you to all of those who auditioned! We are always amazed by the talent our area holds! It is never an easy task casting a show, especially when every person that walked through the door has so much talent. For those who were not cast in this production, please know that each of you are very talented and gifted and we look forward to the great things you are ALL going to do in the future!

Whether you accept or decline your role in this production (listed below) please email the director (colbycoren@hendersonvilletheatre.org) by Thursday, May 9. If we have not heard from you by that date, we will assume you are not accepting the role. 
Congratulations and we look forward to working with you all this summer!
Colby Coren, Director
Lenora Thom, Music Director
Linda Runion & Mary Susan Goff, Choreographers


It is now our pleasure to introduce to you the cast of Hendersonville Community Theatre’s production of Bye Bye Birdie…

Albert Peterson- TBA
Conrad Birdie- Alexander Guazzo
Henry MacAfee- Rob Sneller
Randolph MacAfee- John Daniel DeVore
Harvey Johnson- Luke Wilson
Mayor- Bob Pompeo
Charles Maude- Tate Albert
Mr Johnson- Craig Conner
Rosie Alvarez- Keelie Jones
Kim MacAfee- Jaylan Brinson
Doris MacAfee- Chelsea St John-Wade
Mae Peterson- Linda Meigs
Mayor’s Wife- Candace Lewis
Gloria Rasputin- Rebekah Babelay
Mrs. Merkle- Rebekah Byrd
Charlene Spinks
Lyn Morton
Sarah Devore
Nancy Colongione
Cheryl Walkup
Crystal Conner
Phillip Packer
Conrad Birdie Fan Club Girls
(Named roles will be cast from this list during rehearsals):
Sage Albert
Laney Estes
Rebekah Wilson
Hope Sneller
Maddie Mattick
Faith Buchanan
Abigail Byrd
Emma Wilde
Julliette Robles
Cassidy Bowen
Mary Coe
Helene Johnson
Ava Memolo
Sarah Henby
Annabel Pulman