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JUNE 29 & 30 

AUDITIONS – Virginia Woolf
Audition Location: Second Stage 

Saturday, June 29, 2019  1 – 3pm
Saturday, June 29, 2019   5 – 7pm
Sunday June 30, 2019  2 – 5pm 

Virginia Woolf Audition Sides  (Dramatists Play Service version used)

Martha’s Monologue p 78
Nick and Martha pp 79-80
George, Martha, Honey and Nick pp 33-34     pp 58-61
George and Martha pp 67-69     pp 85-86
George and Nick pp 50-51
George’s monologue p 44-45

Click Here For Virginia  Woolf  Sides 

 It  is recommended that you look at them and study them as much as possible before the audition.   It’s also recommended that you read the play before auditioning. George, Martha and Nick have many lines, so your ability to learn lines will be challenged.  

Character Descriptions

Martha:  A large, boisterous woman.   Ample, but not fleshy.
Age:  can be anywhere from 52-65 but looking a bit younger than her age
 Blind color casting 

George:  Her husband.  A college professor.  Thin to average build, hair turning grey.
Age: can be  anywhere from 46-60
 Blind color casting 

Honey:  A petite blonde girl, rather plain.
Age:  can be anywhere from 25-32
 Blind color casting 

Nick:  Her husband, well put-together, good looking.
Age:   can be 27-35
 Blind color casting 

Ages are only a general description.  Obviously, the two couples need to complement each other and one another.  Don’t take the ages as strict guideline numbers.