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Special Events

Special Event August 10th – 15 Reasons Not to Be in a Play

We partnered with the folks at Jump Off Rock to perform a little play this summer.  We will be performing this at our own theatre on August 10th.  Don’t miss this event with all your favorite actors at HCT. Donations of $10 per person are suggested only for the...

Rumor has it there is a St. Patrick’s Day Special at HCT!

BUY TICKETS | MAIN STAGE | RUMORS *Please note at this time our concessions stand only takes cash, including our bar. Wear a bit o’ green and get a free glass of Shamrock punch to start off the evening of Rumors at HCT.  Don’t worry you can get a wee bit...

SPECIAL EVENT -Song at the Scaffold

MAR 23-24 What is the price of Faith? Canongate Catholic High School’s Lantern Bearer Theatre is excited to present Song at the Scaffold by Emmet Lavery, a historic play about the true events of the martyrdom at the guillotine of 16 French Carmelite nuns during the...

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