Don't miss a thing!

This December we had a wonderful turnout for Guys & Dolls!! As has been the case, we had so many talented folks audition! We hope to see you all again at future auditions!

Here is the cast of HCT’s production of Guys and Dolls, this May!!

Jen Heeder – Adelaide
Sarah- Tasha Pepi
Sky- Luke Haynes
Nathan- Craig Conner
Nicely-Nicely- Colby Coren
Arvides- Gordon Pendarvis
Gen. Matilda Cartwright- Trissa King

Maddie Johnson
Bob Pompeo
Mark Thompson
Marissa Connelly
Alex Guazo

Hot Box
Jennifer Memolo
Crystal Conner
Shelly Lieberman
Kyla Watkins

Mark Leiberman
Randy Robins
Sandi Thompson