Don't miss a thing!

Thank you to all those who auditioned. With 70+ kids auditioning this decision was extremely difficult. While we were not able to cast every child in this show, we were blown away by the amount of talent that walked through the doors of HCT and hope to see you at many auditions to come!

Please know that regardless of the decisions we made, you are each talented and have so much to offer to this world. Keep singing, dancing, acting, and making this world a better place!!

Tracy- Celia Butterworth
Corny Collins- Joseph Sherer
Edna Turnblad- Alex Guazzo
Penny Pingleton- Emma Kent
Velma Von Tussle- Josephine Rodriguez
Amber Von Tussle- Jaylan Brinson
Link Larkin- Sammy Anchia
Seaweed Stubbs- TBA
Little Inez- Oliviah Miller
Motormouth Maybelle- Chloe Ostman
Prudy Pingleton- Sarah Henby

Mae Freeman
Brendan Henby
Chloe Kendall

Student Director:
Frank Davis

Council Members
Sketch- Gage Filipovic
Brad- Kai Newsome
Fender- Devon West
Brenda- Amanda Jane Whiting
Shelley- Sage Albert
Tammy- Helene Johnston
LouAnn- Claire Estes
Karsyn Andress
Gracie Todd
Logan Wetherington

Student Choroegrapher:
Sage Albert

Dance Captains:
Sage Albert
Gage Filipovic

Wilbur Turnblad- Landen Pepi
Principal- Jack Terry
Cindy Watkins – Jillian Hyder
Lorraine- Alyce Hyder
Gilbert- Kailand Maxwell

Mr Pinky- Jonah Jakubielski

Cassidy Bowen
Claudia Sturgell
Gracie Todd

Gym Teacher- Ava Memolo
Cindy Watkins- Jillian Hyder
Matron- Claire Packer
Beatnik Chick/ Old Woman-
Guard- Clair Estes

Paige Pearson
Justin Mendoza
Rebekah Wilson
Ella Henby
Jayla Harris
Lily Sutton
Laney Estes
Laura Packer
Ashlie Hanke
Chloe Patterson
Natalie Folk
Hadley Melton
Raelie Melton