Steel Magnolias

By Robert Harling

Director: Jonathan Forrester

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this beloved movie, Truvy, Annelle, Shelby, M’Lynn, Ouiser and Clairee return to HCT for six special performances. These six Southern women come together in this hilarious and heartwarming story of life, love and loss in a small Louisiana town. Celebrating family, strength in women, and big southern hair, this stage production is the perfect way to experience 30 years of Steel Magnolias.


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Pictured left: The gang’s all here: Hendersonville Community Theatre reprises Steel Magnolias with (L-R) Lyn Morton, Joria Ursin, Jennifer Memolo, Carrie Kimbrell Kimzey, Matilyn Hull, and Molly Carlin-Folk.
Photo by Karin Strickland