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On behalf of the Hendersonville Community Theatre’s Staff and Board, on behalf of those that will see the effect of your generous donations, and on behalf of those that work hard to make the theatre what it is today. A huge heartfelt thank you from all of us at HCT.


Grant Sponors


This project was supported by the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural & Cultural Resources.

The North Carolina Arts Council builds on our state’s long-standing love of the arts, leading the way to a more vibrant future. The Arts Council is an economic catalyst, fueling a thriving nonprofit creative sector that generates $2.12 billion in annual direct economic activity. The Arts Council also sustains diverse arts expression and traditions while investing in innovative approaches to art-making. The North Carolina Arts Council has proven to be a champion for youth by cultivating        tomorrow’s creative citizens through arts education. Learn more at

Director Circle

Sue Kamerick


Ryan & Justin Haylock
George De Heer & George Hibbs
Victoria Lamberth and Tate Albert
Janice & Anthony Guazzo
Lynn Hull & Matilyn Hull
Veritas Christian Academy


Tom Aschenbrener
Carolyn Blackburn
William Cline
Edward Coffey
Yvonne de Cespedes
Marilyn Greenblatt
Laresa Griffin
William & Donna Hastie
Sue & Don Kauffman
Jim Kirkpatrick
Chris & Mary Jane McDonnell
Gordon Pendarvis
Catherine Shanks
Michelle Tracz
Arlene Welch
Jessie Williams
Jess Holderbaum & Christine O’Connor
Carl Johnson and Alexandra Das
Edward & Peri Solder
Ginny and Jim Vallar
Ruthie and Mark Rosauer
Mike & Kelli Bush
Jack & Helen McConnell


Lee Smith
Ronald Hollmeier
Jacqueline Beddingfield
Richard & Doreen Blue
Renee Cook
Jonathan Forrester
Fonda & Patty Harwell in Honor of Anne & Leroy Huske
Sara Hassinger & John Owens
Christine Johnson
Chuck & Betsy Kelsey
Candace Lewis
Marsha Nancetta Liles
Glenn and Betty Musser
Dennis Nelson
Linda Runion
Patty Siebert
Jane Steinmetz
Virginia B Turner
Susan H Brown
Pam Bennett
Carolina Village Program Committee
Doris Allison

Supporting Cast

Douglas Agor
Jennifer Armstrong
Christine A. Audette
Wayne Banks
Stan Baranowski
William Beck
Brenda Berchey
Jonathan Blum
Barbara Bohannon
Kimberly Brown
Sandy Butler
Catherine Campbell
Katharine *Kit* Cofer
Cheryl Craig
Joseph Cramer
Peggy Cramer
JeanAnne Craton
Aine Dee, Wealth Reimagined, Inc.
Patti & Richard Dillon
Dru Dykes
Barbara Fishburne
Mary Susan Goff
Shhirley Hastings
Annette Hobbs
Sarah Hutton
Dennis LaBarge
Michele Linson
Richard and Rheta Luy
Lisa McCarthy
Jennifer Memolo
Marilyn Morton
Leslie Jean Newell
Beth Norris
Barbara Orolin
Lindsay McNair Patton
Jane Pember
Elsie Pilarski
Robert Pompeo
Carole Repici
Caroline Ribelin
Joyce & Carl Ruppieko
Carole Saich
Judith Carson Sloan
Suzanne Soos
Doug Sparks
Michele Sparks
Thomas and Charlotte Spinks
Cookie Stevens
Jorja Ursin
Barbara Volk
Julianne Vorus
Jim Walker
Steven Weisberg
Mike Williamson
Mark Schlorff