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​​HCT Adopts New Format for Awards

For many years, the Hendersonville Community Theatre has recognized its actors, technicians and house staff volunteers during the Barnie Awards ceremony, traditionally held yearly during January.   This Fall we recognized our house staff volunteers in a separate ceremony.  These folks included concessions, box office, ushers and set construction volunteers.  This was our first year to recognize our volunteers this way, and it was considered a great success.

For the 2017 season HCT will again recognize those who work in the production areas of our Main Stage and Second Stage with the Barnie Awards. However, unlike past ceremonies, this year will have two differences:  how nominees were selected and the rationale for their selection.  Beginning with the rationale, selection of nominees was based NOT on identifying the “Best” in each category.  Rather, nominees were all selected for Outstanding contribution(s) in their particular field.  So, rather than having one “winner” for the “best” , we may have, for example,  several actors receiving an Outstanding Award in the area of lead actor or Stage Management, etc.  The categories were further broken down into Main Stage and Second Stage productions.

In the past we had five judges who saw every show and then got together to generate a list of nominees who would receive “best” awards. Of course, there were issues when we lost judges during the year because they weren’t able to see all of the shows.  This left the actual selection of  awards up to two or three people. This was not satisfactory for a multitude of reasons.

It was the feeling of our board and managers that this ceremony should not be about competition, rather about recognizing all those who had contributed in an outstanding manner to their area of expertise.  Granted, “outstanding” is subjective, but we had a group of 7-9 people who saw every show and who were themselves, very familiar with all of the production areas to be recognized.  These folks could identify “outstanding” work, and they did so.

In addition to this committee, we had patrons who had seen every show, and they also had a vote for these recognition awards.

And so, the Barnie’s Awards will be presented on Saturday, February 17.

There are no nominees to announce before the ceremony.  But we can tell you that we have fifty  Outstanding Awards to present.  We encourage all of those who would like to join us in this celebration of outstanding contributions, please do so.  Space is limited, so make your reservations early.  Invitations will be sent out the week of January 8th.  If you don’t receive an invitation, please don’t feel slighted.

Just drop an email to artisticdirector@hendersonvilletheatre.org