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Rick Huhn ( Weller Martin)

Rick is excited to be back at HCT and working with Bob Reese and the rest of the incredible cast and crew of "The Gin Game". Since stumbling into theater at the age of 40 he has had the chance to work with some very talented actors and directors in various community theaters and is always looking for opportunities to try to learn this craft called "acting". He would like to thank his wife Carol for encouraging his acting pursuit and putting up

with the weeks of rehearsals.
Cathy Jewell Fischer ( Fonsia Dorsey ) 
This is Cathy’s first production with HCT. Cathy began her acting career in Rome, Italy, performing with two English-speaking theaters, and continued back in NY with Off and Off-Off Broadway productions as well as performances of musicals and straight plays with community theatre productions throughout Westchester County.