Don't miss a thing!

At HCT we are very excited about progress and moving forward! Tonight we began the process of upgrading our seating on both the second and main stages. This will be completed by the opening of Guys & Dolls!

We would like to thank our friends at Upward Christian Fellowship for their GENEROUS donation of 190 padded chairs! The plan had been to purchase these from UCF, but, with a heart for the community, they decided to donate them to us.

Thank you again to Pastor Andy, Pastor Nate and the UCF congregation for your kindness and generosity!

Thank you to our volunteers that helped move all those chairs to their new home in less than 2 hours loading and unloading!

And a big thank you to Colby Coren for coordinating this gift, even though he did not know it would be such a blessing when he started.

(Fun Side note: Upward Christian Fellowship, formerly known as Hendersonville Pentecostal Holliness Church were the former occupants of our current theatre space on Washington Street! Talk about full circle!)