NOVEMBER 19TH – 7:30 P.M.

This intimate concert showcasing 4 local, gifted songwriters  taking turns telling the stories behind their songs and then performing them for the audience.  This one-of-a-kind gathering will benefit Hendersonville Theatre’s projector fund to raise money to bring film to downtown Hendersonville. Featuring area songwriters: David Childers, Carson Sloan, Josh, and Steve Durose.

Presented by B² Realty

About the Songwriters:

David Childers:  Singer-songwriter David Childers is a resident of Mount Holly, who fell in love with folk music as a teen, listens to jazz and opera, and fed his family by practicing law before turning to his creative passions. Childers’ album, Run Skeleton Run, has made him a favorite of fans and fellow artists, including the Avett Brothers. Childers has played the syndicated World Café and Mountain Stage radio shows, Merlefest’s mainstage, and toured in Europe.

(Judie) Carson Sloan(Judie) Carson Sloan is part of the contemporary folk trio “Rosabelle” and is a regular at open mics here in Hendersonville. Her song  “Real Live Winner” was included on The Pearls’ first album (1994). Carson’s writing is honest, sometimes irreverent, from a woman’s point of view without much sentimentality.

Josh Dunkin: Josh Dunkin has had the great pleasure of knowing the best writers. He started writing songs, poems, and plays in high school. In college, Dunkin won some playwriting awards and started working with his writing partner Mike Barton. After college, the duo formed a successful sketch comedy show and group called Nashville: The Band. They founded Laughingstock: The Chicago Comedy Music Festival and worked hard to widen the appeal of comedy music. Dunkin’s songs would start with a catchy melody and story built around a joke. Those early songs walked a thin line between comedy and heart. Over the years, Dunkin’s songs kept a comedic sensibility but focused more on the stories. Since moving to Hendersonville, NC in 2015, Dunkin has expanded his subject matter to include love songs about family and coffee, murder ballads about O.J. Simpson and JonBenet Ramsey, and a myriad of other subjects. At the center of the songs is a story, but Dunkin would not say they are his story. The stories are yours and mine and ours.

Steve DuRose : Steve DuRose is an American songwriter living in Hendersonville. He has traveled and lived all over the United States. He is often compared to songwriters such as John Prine and Townes Van Zandt due to his poetic and often melancholy lyrics and traditionally inspired melodies. While mainly known for his lyric writing, he has also composed instrumental works which are incorporated into art installations in museums in both California and New Mexico.


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