It Began With A Passion For Theatre; 56 Years Later The Passion Still Lives On.

Our Story

Hendersonville is a magnet for creative people — entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and theatergoers from around the world who call the city and surrounding county home. These people and their neighbors are exactly who Hendersonville Theatre wants to attract with its new programming, both this season and into the future.

The first inklings of Hendersonville Little Theatre began in 1966, prompted by a groundswell of interest from local theater supporters. The theater’s first location was a storage building on Haywood Road, owned by noted Henderson County native and entrepreneur Clifton Shipman. He also owned the beloved barn on State Street that the theater used as a performance and rehearsal space for more than 40 years.

During those decades, Hendersonville Little Theatre produced dozens of dramas, comedies, mysteries, and musicals. Despite the barn’s cramped quarters, the theater thrived and drew crowds from Henderson County and beyond. In 2012 it moved to its current location, an old church on Washington Street, which allowed it to expand programming and educational workshops.

The all-volunteer theater, known as Hendersonville Little Theatre for more than 50 years, has a new name and a new mission. The new Hendersonville Theatre is reflective of the many people the theater wants to bring into its fold. From embracing local playwrights to reaching out to younger audiences, this once little theater has big plans.