Theatre Description: The Hendersonville Theatre Auditorium has 117 seats with no seat farther than eight rows from the stage. Our theatre auditorium has been designed acoustically to accommodate both theatrical productions and musical concerts. For further information please consult our theatre layout.

Handicap Seating Arrangements: Hendersonville Theatre is wheelchair accessible. There are four designated handicapped seats (A1, A2, – Left Gallery and A1, A2 – Right Gallery). These seats are floor level with two options: 1) armless seat for easy transfer from wheelchair to theatre seat, 2) seat can be taken out and wheelchair put in its place. There are no barriers between the handicapped spaces and auditorium seats. If you or a member of your party requires wheelchair-accessible seating, please make your reservations through the Box Office by calling (828) 692-1082. 

Special Effects: If you have any questions about  stage effects (such as strobe lights or loud noises) that might have a bearing on patron comfort, please contact the Box Office at 828-692-1082.