All Tickets: $35
Reserved Seating

Part of the HT Hometown Sound Music Series 

Saturday, March 16, 2024 at 7:30 pm

Hendersonville Theatre welcomes back one of the top 10 Celtic bands in the United States, Tuatha Dea, for our Hometown Sound Music Series St. Patrick’s Day Celebration! Don’t miss this unique and unforgettable experience born of a family drum circle that will draw you into the music! 

Tuatha Dea is a progressive Americana band with a Rock edge, a Celtic-Appalachian influence, and a fearless attitude for pushing the boundaries of modern roots music. Their music thrives on a perpetual energy backed by expansive vocal ranges, steady, driving percussion, electric instrumentation, and the melodic sounds of acoustic instruments like fiddle, guitar, penny whistle, bagpipes, and even didgeridoo. From Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the band’s eclectic sound blends the tribal vibe of primitive drums with conventional and nonconventional instruments to create a real evolutionary musical crossover that defies category and genre! Combining primal rhythms, melodic and ethereal ballads, and screaming guitar riffs with an Appalachian/Celtic vibe, Tuatha Dea inspires audience participation and has embraced its Celtic heritage and meshed the traditional music of Scotland and Ireland with their bold blend of mainstream rock, mountain drumming, and Appalachian blues to produce a truly unique sound that has a universal appeal.

Named one of the top 10 Celtic bands of 2022 by Marc Gunn’s Irish and Celtic PodCast, Tuatha Dea is one of the 12 artists chosen for the 90th Anniversary Bristol Jubilee Sessions with Dolly Parton, Ritchie Owens, and other great renowned acts.

Dubbed “The Eclectic Partridge Family in Kilts and Corsets” and “The Appalachian Fae,” Tuatha Dea has been featured and headlined at countless venues, festivals, and Highland Games nationwide including Floydfest, Dragoncon, and Comicpalooza. The band has performed on stage with Paul Simon, Alto Reed,  and James Mckinney and has appeared with Brandi Carlisle, Kacey Musgraves,  Jessica Lynn, and Phil Lesh among others. 

The band’s members are also a family! Rebecca and Kathy Holman (Vocals), Danny (Damasqhs) Mullikin (Multi-Instrumentalist), Tesea Dawson (Multi-Instrumentalist), Chris Foxfire Bush (Multi-Instrumentalist), Brandon “B” Mullikin (Electric Guitar), Brett Maney (Percussion), Jeremiah Waldon(Bass), and Sarah Faith (Guitar) promise to deliver an unforgettable performance! 

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