Executive Director

Executive Director

Hendersonville Theatre, established in 1966, is a nonprofit 501(c)3, the only community-based performing arts organization in Hendersonville, NC. Its core mission, “to inspire, nurture, enrich, empower, educate, entertain and challenge artists and audiences,” is realized through an extensive array of vibrant performances, active community involvement, and comprehensive performing arts education. Hendersonville, under the artistic direction of Victoria Lamberth, produces over 40 theatrical and musical performances every year. They present six major full theatre productions annually, reader’s theatre productions, and numerous community initiatives. Hendersonville Theatre’s education programs, catering to a diverse range of students of all ages, offer educational opportunities encompassing theatre and dance for various ages and skill levels. 


Hendersonville Theatre is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at all levels of the organization. Hendersonville Theatre is committed to creating an equitable, diverse, inclusive, and accessible environment for all artists, staff, students, educators, scholars, theatergoers, visitors, and volunteers.


Position Summary

The Executive Director is a co-leader with the Artistic Director, reports to the Board of Directors, and oversees the theatre’s daily business, administrative, and financial aspects. This role involves steering the organization’s strategic planning, branding, marketing strategies, external relationships, fundraising efforts, and advancing initiatives in each domain. The Executive Director is responsible for balancing artistic excellence with optimal business practices, employing a management style emphasizing consensus-building and demonstrating strong strategic decision-making and forward-thinking capabilities. The Executive Director skillfully navigates the varied requirements of various stakeholders, including the Artistic Director, Board members, volunteers, community leaders, and administrative staff. In this role, the Executive Director tackles intricate challenges where numerous factors hold differing significance levels to each stakeholder group. The Executive Director oversees the duties of the Company Manager, the Development department, the Business department, the Marketing department, and other PPH personnel, including annual evaluations of administrative staff. Above all, Hendersonville Theatre’s Executive Director must be someone who can inspire the staff, patrons, and local community.


Roles and Responsibilities

Working in unison with the Artistic Director, the Executive Director ensures the organization’s continued fiscal responsibility, supporting the artistic vision to preserve top-tier programming. Their responsibilities include overseeing financial management to implement strategic plans, playing a pivotal role in fundraising, and supervising the marketing and public relations departments. Responsibilities encompass community relations, fundraising, marketing (including season subscriptions), public relations, communication, long-term planning, and operational, financial, and administrative management. The Executive Director is instrumental in building relationships to secure local and national financial support and forging collaborative initiatives with for-profit and nonprofit entities. In partnership with the Artistic Director, the Executive Director leads the creation and communication of strategic vision to stakeholders, fostering optimal performance from board members and staff. They are also responsible for developing the organization’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives across the Board, staff, and community relations.




  • The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing and guiding all administrative staff functions, except for those tasks that fall under the purview of the Artistic Director.
  • The Executive Director is tasked with the prudent management of all the organization’s resources, ensuring they are allocated and distributed to achieve an optimal balance between artistic excellence, institutional integrity, and financial stability.
  • Collaborates closely with the Artistic Director and Education Director of the theatre’s educational programs, focusing on budgeting and addressing various fiscal, operational, and administrative matters that affect this department.
  • Offers staff leadership, guidance, and support, upholding effective management practices. Addresses personnel issues and cultivates positive working relationships among the Board, staff, artistic leadership, and performers.
  • Promotes teamwork and collaboration, consistently attends performances, and participates in development and cultivation events.
  • Oversees HT’s contracting with external agents, including ASCAP, BMI, insurance agreements, leases, vendors, etc. 
  • Ensures the organization has robust information, communications, and technology systems. 

Fund Development and Strategic Partnerships


  • The Executive Director assists in cultivating and soliciting existing donors and volunteers.
  • Propels the company into the future by supporting and creating sustainable and mission-aligned pathways for new relationships, programs, and revenue opportunities.
  • Demonstrates a collaborative leadership style in various communities and settings that inspire internal and external stakeholders to participate in Hendersonville Theatre’s vibrant and exciting future.
  • Exercises overall managerial responsibilities for achieving the fundraising and financial goals of the organization, including fostering a culture of philanthropy among all constituencies.
  • Supports the organization as a solid strategic and fundraising leadership voice and will be instrumental in expanding the development team.
  • Works to create a diverse funding base for HT, including foundations, major donors and individuals, corporations, public funding, and earned revenue.
  • Works with the staff to plan, organize, direct, and expand the fundraising program; oversee a major gifts program that involves identifying, cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding current and prospective corporate, community, foundation, and individual donors.
  • Assists with grant writing and builds and sustains relationships with current, new, and potential grant-giving organizations and individuals.

 Financial Management

  • The Executive Director provides executive-level financial oversight for the organization.
  • The Executive Director oversees the financial mechanics of monthly reporting, including current financial results, budget variance, performance forecasting, accurate cash flow projections, and balance sheets.
  • Works closely with the Artistic Director, the staff, and the board to produce an annual budget incorporating the impact of programming decisions and other organizational goals.
  • Supports the organization’s overall front-of-house operations.

Marketing and Public Relations


  • The Executive Director, along with the Artistic Director, serves as the spokesperson for the theatre.
  • The Executive Director promotes the theatre locally, regionally, and nationally through well-conceived marketing and public relations strategies.
  • The Executive Director oversees the promotion and marketing of the theatre, including annual direct mail appeals, press releases, and all necessary marketing materials and campaigns.
  • Provides marketing guidance and support for advertising and promotions for performances, performers, and seasons while enhancing the community’s awareness of the theatre.
  • Assists in developing programs to increase attendance by promoting season subscriptions and ticket sales.
  • Works to create and implement the annual marketing plan, including social media, traffic monitoring, online ticket sales, email correspondence, newsletters, direct mail, and other campaigns to build ticket sales, donors, and audiences.
  • Ensures that local and regional media have appropriate and timely information about theatre performances and activities, as well as print and online social media.
  • Joins forces with the Artistic Director and marketing team to create innovative sales strategies to maximize earned revenue and elevate Hendersonville Theatre’s brand and identity.

Board Governance and Community Relations


  • The Executive Director builds constructive and supportive relationships with board members, government officials, and community leaders.
  • The Executive Director works with Board leadership on Board recruitment and development opportunities.
  • The Executive Director provides monthly reports to the Board.
  • Fosters an atmosphere that supports creative governance and facilitates effective meetings.
  • Assists the Artistic Director in advancing the organization’s visibility and relationship to the donor community, business and community groups, other arts groups, and other appropriate constituent parties.
  • Works with the Artistic Director to support the development and effective operations of the Board of Directors 
  • Works with the Board to identify the need for committees and prioritize the work of the Board.
  • Expands and fortifies the existing, mutually supportive relationships with neighbors and community organizations to advance educational and connectivity initiatives.
  • Engages and motivates board members, leverages their skills and networks, and collaborates with board leadership on strengthening governance in support of the organization.

Human Resources


  • The Executive Director develops and implements all human resource policies, including overseeing human resource activities related to the artistic and production staff.
  • The Executive Director promotes and facilitates staff professional development opportunities.
  • Along with the Artistic Director, hires and provides direct staff supervision. 
  • Works to ensure all personnel practices conform to best practices and federal, state, and local laws.
  • Maintains and contributes to a culture of teamwork, both through advocating for inter-team collaboration and personal involvement as organizational needs arise.
  • Ensures that HT’s employment policies are current and complete and support the organization’s staffing goals and needs.
  • Oversees recruiting, training, and coaching and empowers staff at all organizational levels to work at their highest potential and have a voice in the future to build and retain a diverse, healthy, and sustainable team.
  • Embraces the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, and access to ensure an organizational culture that respects different perspectives and nurtures an environment of goodwill and empowerment.

Facility Management


  • The Executive Director oversees the efficient and cost-effective operation and maintenance of the theatre’s facilities, encompassing office spaces, rehearsal areas, educational spaces, theatre, and other production environments.
  • Works with the Board of Directors to oversee the planning and implementation of capital expenditures and facility improvements that will grow annual revenue.


  • The above list of duties and responsibilities is intended only to describe the general nature of the job. Hendersonville Theatre is a team requiring teamwork from all employees to serve and perfect all facets of the organization.


  • The ideal candidate will exhibit strong leadership, communication, and organizational abilities.
  • The aptitude to ascertain competing priorities, resolve difficulties, overcome obstacles, and maximize time and resources to attain the desired outcomes.
  • A love of the arts is essential. 
  • Leadership involves inspiring and directing others to achieve optimal performance by establishing clear expectations and goals.
  • Demonstrate the ability to be flexible and adjust to the situation.
  • Fiscal Management adeptly utilizes financial resources in the company’s best interest, including proficiency in financial budgeting and planning.
  • Project Management, including proficient planning, organizing, delegating, staffing, and directing work tasks to ensure effective project execution.
  • Effective management involves achieving desired outcomes by organizing individuals, establishing goals, and setting priorities.
  • Interpersonal skills encompass cultivating and sustaining relationships, fostering a healthy organizational culture, and adapting to relational situations appropriately, all while incorporating a welcomed sense of humor.
  • Forward-thinking individual, seizing opportunities for healthy and productive growth with a “can-do” attitude and driven by the vision of Hendersonville Theatre becoming a prominent arts organization in the state.
  • Demonstrated success in meeting annual fund goals, development management, grant writing, sponsorships, and special events
  • Excellent written/oral communication skills
  • Detail orientation and accuracy driven
  • Computer literacy is a must, especially with Google Workspace
  • Ability to work in a hands-on environment with limited resources
  • Strong entrepreneurial self-starter attitude
  • Due to financial responsibilities and the potential interaction with minors, candidates must pass a background check successfully. 
  • Flexible hours may be required when necessary.

Education and Experience

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Theatre or Arts Administration, Nonprofit Management, or Business is preferred.
  • Prefer candidates with three to five years of management experience in a nonprofit, arts, or culture organization.
  • Familiarity with theatre operations is a plus.
  • Prefer candidates with fundraising experience, such as working with major donors and foundations, forming community partnerships, and seeking and developing partnerships locally, regionally, and statewide. 

Compensation and Benefits

The anticipated salary range for this position is $38,000 to $50,000 annually. The salary of the candidate selected for this role will be set based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, experience, education, and qualifications.

EEO Statement

Hendersonville Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer dedicated to celebrating diversity and intentionally creating a culture of inclusion. We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion or belief, national, social, or ethnic origin, sex, gender identity or expression, age, physical, mental, or sensory disability, sexual orientation, marital, civil union, or domestic partnership status, past or present military service, citizenship status, family medical history, or genetic information, family or parental status, or any other status protected under federal, state or local law.


The position is full-time and salaried. Applications should include a detailed cover letter, resume, and three references, emailed to [email protected].