Next Level Improv: Beyond “Yes…And” Class Showcase- JUNE 15

Saturday, June 15 at 3 pm

A show brought to you by our Hendersonville Theatre’s Next Level Improv Class! Come check out this student show and see what our educational program is about! This is a free event open to the public! Donations will be accepted to benefit educational programs at Hendersonville Theatre.

Teacher: Heather Fender

Kim Beattie
Michelle Detwiler
Julia Fawcett
Michael Fawce
Kelly Hart
Chris Ivesdal
Chris Swain
Michelle Tennant

About the Teacher:

Step into the spotlight with Heather Fender! With a passion for laughter and a wealth of theatrical knowledge, she brings a unique blend of talent and expertise to the classroom.

Having honed her improvisational skills as a key member of the wildly successful local improv troupe “Gag Order” for a decade, Heather knows the ins and outs of delivering side-splitting performances. From quick-witted comebacks to hilarious character portrayals, she has mastered making audiences roar with laughter.

Not content with just one feather in her cap, Heather also joined the ranks of “Killer Theatre,” the wildly successful comedy improv murder mystery dinner theater. This experience not only sharpened her comedic timing but also allowed her to excel in the realm of interactive and engaging performances.

With an impressive background as a theater teacher spanning 24 years, Heather brings a wealth of knowledge and a nurturing approach to her classes. Her passion for fostering creativity and guiding students on their improv journey shines through every lesson. She knows how to bring out the best in her students, allowing them to fearlessly explore their comedic instincts and discover new levels of confidence on stage.