One Act Play Festival- AUGUST 23-25

Ticket Pricing: 

Single Show (A or B): $25 

Festival Ticket (A & B Shows): $40 

Reserved Seating

August 23-25, 2024

Show A
Friday, 8/23 at 7:30 pm and Saturday, 8/24 at 3 pm
Show B
Saturday, 8/24 at 7:30 pm and Sunday, 8/25 at 3 pm

Approximate Run Time: 2 hours

Show A

Backyard Stonehenge by Jacquelyn Priskorn

Catatonia or, Waiting for Gato by Matt Wade

Tree #2 by R.A. Pauli

A Sign You Were Alive by Rebecca Kane

Show B

I’d Rather Die Than Go Back To Christmastown
by Abby Auman

Riding Lessons by Brett Hursey

Thanks for the Mammaries by Bailey Jordan Garcia

My Name is Jane by Phil Darg

Hendersonville Theatre premiers its first One Act Play Festival of short plays, featuring a variety of different stories from regional and national playwrights, local directors, and incredible performers.

The process began with an open call for plays. A team of readers poured through hundreds of submissions to select a group of outstanding plays. The result? A weekend-long extravaganza to bring a kaleidoscope of new and exciting world premiers to Hendersonville! 

Hendersonville Theatre’s One Act Play Festival presents plays by established and emerging writers. Divided into two shows, Sections A and B are a multiple series of short plays, performed in rotation. One-act plays provide a condensed yet impactful theatrical experience, allowing for concise and focused storytelling that can captivate the audience’s attention from start to finish. This format often demands precision and intensity from the performers, leading to powerful performances that resonate deeply with viewers.

Additionally, Hendersonville Theatre’s One Act Play Festival serves as a unique platform for artists to showcase their skills and creativity. A one-act play offers the opportunity to demonstrate versatility in acting, directing, and technical execution within a limited timeframe. This challenge can foster growth and development among participants, pushing them to explore innovative approaches to storytelling and staging.

Furthermore, the festival environment itself fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas and a sense of community among theater enthusiasts. Presenting a one-act play at the festival allows performers and crews to connect with peers, receive constructive feedback from experienced professionals, and immerse themselves in a supportive network of fellow theater aficionados. This experience can prove invaluable for honing skills, gaining exposure, and broadening one’s perspective on the craft of theater.